Poles, for example, noise barriers

To noise barriers and noise barriers, we supply also poles along with foundations. Sometimes you need each post be unique because of different lengths, welded-on details or holes drilled at different levels such as a noise barriers.

Through the wealth of experience and knowledge available at our plants, you can be confident in getting proper made poles for your noise barriers or noise screen, moreover, marked and packed according to customer requirements. When uncertainty over the four-poster dimension required, we calculate the correct pole dimension which is adapted to our Foundation. The most common pole models we make for noise barriers are HEA, HEB, IPE and VKR. We also manufacture of wooden poles pole shoes in many different designs according to customer's design.

We always perform dimensioning of the foundations and poles in our advanced calculation programs before starting.

Poles are manufactured according to EN 1090 in execution class EXC2 or EXC3 depending on the clients requirements. Usually the posts are galvanized according to EN ISO 1461 FE/Zn 115 when corrosion protection class are C4 or lower. We can also deliver posts that meet the corrosion protection class C5-M, as well as powder-coated poles.

When the poster drawings in the documents do not work as manufacturing drawings or completely missing, we can assist with drawing the posts in CAD software and send over the drawings for approval by the customer before manufacturing begins.

We are also able to manufacture other details in steel, call us if you wish to recieve a cost calculation.

Noise barriers and Poles
Poles for noise and noise barriers
Poles for the installation of noise protection screens
Noise barriers mounted with the help of foundations and poles of terrawing
Foundation for noise-shielding on roads
Noise protection with foundations from Terrawing
Foundations for road signs and portals