Gallery/idea bank on noise screens

Over the years, we have collected images of noise screens in different materials and colours, in simple and advanced designs. Not all screens are grounded with TerraWing foundations.

Pictures taken from the car while driving in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the United States, Belgium and holland have been taken by Ulla Maria Johansson. Other images taken by Roland Johannson unless another photographer is indicated.

The purpose of galleri/idébanken is to get a quick overview of different noise screen solutions. We have seen image quality as less important in this context.

Feel free to contribute more pictures. Enter the photographer and send to Options.

Roland Johansson

Concrete screens

Ice cream screens

Rubber screens

Lightweight tile screens

Metal screens

Mineral wool

Plastic screens

Brick screens

Wooden screens

Other mixed screens