Foundation for noise-shielding on roads

Foundations for noise barriers along the streets and roads is our biggest market. Our speed when mounting the foundations is of great benefit when work often entails restrictions on the traffic. Our capacity is 4-15 foundations per hour depending on the ground conditions. As usual, we perform calculations in our advanced calculation software.

The foundations are knocked down with hydraulic hammers mounted on the excavator or by Bopec Väst AB's cars. If noise screen should be far from the roadway or if the terrain is very hilly we use Bopec's special machines.

The length of the foundations and the wing design can vary widely depending on the geotechnical conditions. We have established noise barriers in geotechnical engineering from clay with very low shear strength values to tunnel mountains with 600 mm rock fill.

Manufacturing of foundations made in factories that meet the following requirements:

  • Certified according to EN 1090 up to execution class EXC3.
  • The products are galvanized according to ISO 1461.
  • Certified according to EN 9001 and 14001 standards.
Foundation for noise-shielding on roads
Noise protection with foundations from Terrawing
Poles for foundations along roads and railways for noise protection
Foundations for road signs and portals