TerraWing celebrates 20 years!

It's been twenty years since we started TerraWing, 2003-2023!

The time has passed quickly and has been a lot of fun. We feel that we have made a great journey. We would like to thank our customers, suppliers, employees and partners for a very good and smooth cooperation over the years. Some have been with us since the beginning and new ones, of all categories, are constantly joining us. We have managed to stay in the black every year and gone from the first year's turnover of just over 3 million to about 90 million.

We specialise in foundation work only, primarily noise barriers. We do not compete with our customers by carrying out our own construction work. Our calculation programs are a strength, together with our well-developed administrative procedures.

We are constantly developing and refining our products.

We have supplied foundations for >260 km of noise barriers and carried out calculations for the foundation of >4000 noise barriers. Our largest markets are Sweden and Norway. We have also calculated and delivered foundations to Denmark, Estonia, Ireland and Portugal.

We import about 1550 tons of steel/year.

We are humbled by visits to our manufacturers, where we see how many families depend on our products for their livelihoods.

We look forward to new and exciting years. We "get going" when we get involved in solving problems based on our knowledge of foundation engineering and noise barriers.

Thank you all for our first 20 years!