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Are you designing noise barriers? Are you a developer, contractor or project manager and want to know more about what we can offer for your particular project? Feel free to contact us for a quote by emailing us.

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There are many different parameters / input data that must be obtained in order for a calculation to be performed. It is from this file that we can then create calculations and quotes. We appreciate if you have the opportunity to download this excel file and fill in the information that is relevant to your particular project.

We have made drawings and explanations in the file to make it as easy as possible for you as a customer to fill it in.

Then email the Indata file and we will review the object together before starting the calculations. You can attach it to the form here.

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We have collected information sheets and assembly instructions under the "Downloads" tab in the menu. They are in PDF format and you can easily download them to your device. The assembly instructions are also available in English, Swedish, German and Lithuanian.


We have developed a patented foundation with many advantages. These include our high capacity of 4 to 15 foundations per hour, but also that no digging, drilling, backfilling, packing, formwork, casting or welding is required. The foundations can also be installed when there is frost in the ground and can withstand most ground conditions. 

Project gallery

We have collected many images in our project gallery of screens from our projects over the years. Feel free to look through them to get an idea of what we offer, or to find some inspiration.

We also have a demo movie that clearly describes and shows how our foundations and poles are installed.


We have a dealer for noise barrier foundations in Denmark. We also have a dealer for road signs here in Sweden. You can read more about these through the button below. In Sweden and other countries where we do not have dealers, we sell ourselves.

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