About Terrawing

TerraWing AB develops and supplies wing foundations since 2003. The foundations are equipped with our patented adjustment device which ensures precise position. The Foundation method is well established and involves both rapid and very cost-effective foundation.

We have a high level of expertise and extensive experience in both fixed wing foundations and noise protective barriers. Through the advanced calculation program that we have developed, we are always conduct object-specific calculations that are verifiable. Our calculation program meets Swedish national requirements for foundations of noise barriers along road and railways.

Business idea

We do not perform any construction work ourselves, but educate your employees and subcontractors in the construction of noise barriers and other foundation projects. We also provide consulting assistance in road and traffic safety.

To work as efficiently as possible, we work according to a clear system thinking. Other cornerstones of our business is the high level of service and security of supply – always at the right time, at the right price.

noise barrier railway

Our calculation program

How high is the screen, how far is the distance between the bases, should we expect snow plogs cargo, the terrain type there is, what is the post type, the screen in the slope or on flat ground, how quickly running plogbilen, how high is the design value of train speed, the Geotechnical prevails, how far from the track Centre stands the screen etc?

There are a large amount of input data that is needed to calculate the dimension of foundations, plates and bolts.

Therefore, we have together with Bo Eriksson-Vanke developed a calculation program that, after we filled in all the input, present att calculations necessary to ultimately present verifiable calculations of dimensioned foundations.

Our calculation program follows the contemporary Eurocodes and meet all the requirements for the Foundation of the Swedish transport administration of noise barriers along the railway and road.

Quality & Environment

We have a management system that complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

ISO 9001 is always present in the background of our activities and help us organize our daily operations.

ISO 14001 is a tool we are very keen to follow since we care a lot about the environment.

noise barrier road


We have revolutionized the way to found, particularly noise barriers. When constructing a noise screen, together with prefabricated screen systems, we have shortened the construction time from previous months to weeks with our system.

Our success is based largely on Bo Eriksson-Vankes large know-how and enthusiasm for improvement and renewal. Bosse was a recognized skilled designer with knowledge of programming. His leisure interests was for several years to build an application for design of foundations for noise barriers. We acquired the right to use the program in 2007. Bosse died, to our great sorrow, 29 december 2014. We miss Bosse as a friend and colleague.

Bosse was born in 1942 and grew up in Sandviken. He came from meager circumstances and received a scholarship to train as a civil engineer at KTH. After graduating he was hired at Vägverket and after the Administration's relocation to Borlänge he started working at Banverket. After retiring he worked consultant at Boevteknik AB, where his customers were Banverket Citybanan, Terrawing and others.

When we came into the picture

We had contact with Bo Eriksson-Vanke was then the head of the bridge Division at Banverket in Stockholm. Bosse said that Banverket had big problems with noise barriers along the railway, especially along the arlandabanan where screens were founded with concrete foundations and pillars embedded with kemankare. Both screens and Foundation were mostly undersized and of poor quality.

Bosse had been commissioned by the Swedish rail Administration to develop system requirements for noise barriers. In the development of our Foundation, we knew back then what regulations were in force. A prerequisite for our Foundation system to drive down vingförsedda steel pipe in the ground would work was that after the knockdown, it would be possible to mount a pole with millimetre precision.

There was previously a simpler form of adjusting device on the market that do not could stand some larger loads and that failed to size up. We designed our patented adjusting device which we in the EU and in Norway.

We also supply other steel products and work innovatively with continuous development of our products and our foundation system. The company started in 2003 and has since then delivered wing foundations to a variety of customers and projects in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Estonia.