TerraWing 2003-2023

Twenty years have passed since we started TerraWing. Time has passed quickly and has been a lot of fun. We feel we have made a great journey. We would like to thank our customers, suppliers, employees and partners for a very good and smooth cooperation during all these years. Some have been with us since the beginning and new ones, of all categories, are constantly being added. We have managed to stay in the black every year, going from the first year's turnover of just over 3 million to around 90 million.

We specialise in foundation work only, primarily noise barriers. We do not compete with our customers by carrying out our own construction work. Our calculation programs are a strength, together with our well-developed administrative procedures.

We are constantly developing and refining our products.

We have supplied foundations for >260 km of noise barriers and carried out calculations for the foundation of >4000 noise barriers. Our largest markets are Sweden and Norway. We have also calculated and delivered foundations to Denmark, Estonia, Ireland and Portugal.

We import about 1550 tons of steel/year.

We are humbled by visits to our manufacturers, where we see how many families depend on our products for their livelihoods.

We look forward to new and exciting years. We "get going" when we get involved in solving problems based on our knowledge of foundation engineering and noise barriers.

Thank you all for our first 20 years!

We have now passed by a good margin basic of 200 kilometers of screens.

Bypass Stockholm Kungens Kurva

We have started deliveries of foundations and poles to GreeNest Form

that builds noise screens for Skanska at Kungens Kurva.

Continental Runway

This summer's major delivery of foundations to Grundtuben has now been completed.

Security fences

We have delivered foundations and poles to Heda Scandinavia AB to Åkersberga, Uppsala, Västervik and Södertälje.

Malmö Continental Line

We now deliver the first shipment with foundations to Grundtuben that builds noise screen along the Continental Line in Malmö.


We have delivered foundations and poles to bråvalla traffic area.

Noise screen Vellinge, screen Woodplastic

Noise plank mounted by the contractor Greenest Form AB and is located in Vellinge Municipality and is a noise shield for a recycling station owned by SYSAV. The plank is 5 meters high.

We have been asked again:

Is it your foundation The Swedish Transport Agency is strengthening along the Mälarbanan in Jakobsberg?

It is not our foundations that are amplified.

The foundations we have delivered to Mälarbanan are audited and approved and function impeccable.

As well as the other 27 kilometres we have delivered to noise barriers along the railways. All foundations have undergone Trafikverket's review and approved.

TerraWing at Nordic Rail Jönköping 8-10 October

Welcome to visit us this week, Tuesday-Thursday you will find us in our booth B03:19

A warm welcome


NRC Group builds screen at Nynäbanan (Segers Meadow)

Shortly, they will also start building the next part (Länna)


Elmia Nordic Rail 2019

Welcome to visit us at Terrawing at the Nordic Rail Fair in Jönköping, which will take place October 8-10.

We will be in booth B03; 19


We have been asked whether it is our foundations that the Swedish Transport Administration has not approved along the Mälarbanan in Jakobsberg.

The Swedish Transport Administration has issued a special contract to correct the wrong foundations.

"Reinforcement work noise Plank project Mälarbanan" procurement 205881.

We would like to point out that it is not TerraWing foundations it applies but another make that is in no way similar to TerraWing.

The foundations we have delivered to Mälarbanan are audited and approved by the Swedish Transport Administration.


NRC Group has built a screen in Hallsberg where TerraWing has delivered foundations and poles


Greenest Form has built screen at Wrangelsgatan in Halmstad


Greenest Form has built screen at Sannarpsskolan in Halmstad


Greenest Form has built absorbing screen at Vall in Vellinge.

We have delivered foundations and poles.


We have now delivered all the foundations and poles to the Hallsberg where the NRC builds a noise shield along the rail.


Along the Fellingsbrovägen about 1.5 mil outside Arboga in Arboga municipality, old noise screens are demolished and replaced with new ones built in Lösvirke.

We have supplied foundations and pole feet for wooden poles.


Delivery of foundation for the adjusting devices of solar panels. The panels should be rotated after the sun and in strong winds take a horizontal position.

Road 73 Nynäshamn, Vega

Skanska builds Vega's traffic site. Greenest form builds the noise screens and we deliver the foundations and poles.