We have developed a patented foundation with many advantages

We have been around since 2003 and our patented wing foundations offer several advantages for you as a customer. Among other things, our high capacity of 4 to a full 15 bases per hour, but also that no digging, drilling, refilling, packing, formwork, casting or welding is required. The Foundation can also be installed when it is frost in the ground and copes with most soil conditions. Our products need minimal pre-and post-work and thus become more economical and easy to use.

We always perform dimensioning of the foundations and poles in our advanced calculation programs before starting.

Foundations with wings for the installation of noise protective screens along roads and railways is our biggest market, the foundations we deliver differ in lengths from 0.6 to 3.0 m and with pipe diameters from 70 mm to 194 mm. All foundations have our patented adjusting device that provides an adjustment of the mounting plate of +/- 45 mm in X- and Y-direction + rotation.

The length of the foundations and how the wings are shaped and where the wings are positioned have great importance. We modulate the design of the foundation completely based on the area of use and geotechnical conditions. In short noise barriers where few foundations are needed we choose a type that suits best.

Long noise barriers with numerous foundations along routes with varying conditions may need to use several different foundation types to optimize cost. In cases like this we conduct a "base plan" showing where the different foundation types needs to be located.

In areas where there is no place to run down the wing foundations because of the proximity to the mountains, we can deliver that alternative fastening products. Ingjutningsgodset consists of the top part of a foundation, with an adjusting device and reinforcement for embedding in concrete. All products are delivered labeled from the factory. We can also experiment with different pole types to optimize the total material cost.

Manufacturing of foundations made in factories that meet the following requirements:

Foundation for noise-shielding on roads

Noise Screen Road

noise barrier road