Welcome to TerraWing

Welcome to TerraWing

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We develop and sell foundations for installation of noise protection screens.

The fast, accurate wing foundation system with the patented adjusting device.

We have been involved in over 3,600 noise barriers and supplied foundations and usually poles for > 235,000 m of barriers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We always use our advanced calculation programs for the adjusting devices. Using TerraWing foundation system is fast, easy and cost effective. With our long and extensive experience of noise protection screens and the wing foundation, it is worth contacting us before you start planning to build a noise barrier.

Some of our benefits:
  • Capacity is 4-15 foundations per hour
  • Adjustable +-45 mm in both the x- and y-direction + rotation
  • There is no need for digging, backfilling, sealing, drilling, formwork, casting or welding
  • Can withstand ground frost and most terrain conditions

Some of our products

Installed foundations
Supplied poles
Number of noise-screen objects